Our Company

Our History

Stanley shoes & co was founded in 2012 in Athens by Alexandros Stanellos and became actively involved in the field of imported comfort shoes in Greece. Its primary target has been the sales of high quality comfort oriented products at affordable prices, distributed at selected stores all over Greece.

9 years of success

After 9 years of continuous development in the field of comfort footwear, Stanley shoes & co has established itself among the top in comfort business in the Greek market. It has won the acceptance of a large share of consumers nationwide, having also won the confidence of the stores with which it cooperates.

Our Vision

The initial vision of Stanley shoes & co founders was and still is for each and every customer to have the best possible access to the high quality shoes that combine fashion and comfort every hour of the day at affordable prices. The company’s vision is not only to satisfy the needs of the customer but also the exclusive distribution of footwear from internationally recognized brands


The basic policy of the company is to import different brands of shoes to cover different audiences and requirements of each product. It should to be noted that for each new product introduced by Stanley shoes & co, a survey is conducted on the Greek market in terms of absorption and extensive investigation of markets around the world to choose the right brand that will satisfy the requirements of the Greek public, combining high quality and affordable price.


The multi-year experience of its founders, excellent service, professionalism and consistency has now created a sales network in 150 selected locations in Greece and at retail outlets at FACTORY OUTLET in Athens (Piraeus and Airport stores) and at MEGA OUTLET in Thessaloniki. Stanley shoes & co manages exclusively the beira rio, Usaflex, PEGADA, MODARE ultracomforto, HAFLINGER, pierre cardin, Luisetti, LAURA AZANA and aero by kasta delegation in Greece. Stanley shoes & co continues to grow while setting new goals on providing a huge selection of the very best products, prompt shipping and exceptional customer service.